I haven’t posted in months and I no longer have reason to. I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to do. To heal myself and accept all the things I’ve had trouble accepting while finding courage to do the things which I needed to do. I’ve experienced what I’ve needed to here and I feel sufficiently capable of moving up to the next level.

In my quest for truth I’ve found that David Hawkins and others are right. Truth is a form based on perspective. As an example when you are watching someone on stage they are facing you. If someone asked both you and the person on stage to hold out their right hand then you would see that their right hand is facing opposite to yours. That is because you and them are facing in opposite directions. Your perspectives are totally opposite to each other. What is your right may not be theirs and vice versa. And that is the truth about truth it seems. That as much as we like seperating things into true and false there is really no need to because what we consider false may be true from another’s perspective. Of all my attempts to change the world and make it bettter and make people realize there are better ways have only lead me to one conclusion. Sometimes the best way for a person is their way – even though it may be totally opposite to your perspective. It was those small lessons that I’ve labelled “the right to be wrong” and “optimalism” which translated are really “the right to live your truth according to your perspective” and “we must accept things the way they are and not try to constantly make them conform to what we call something ‘better'”. It was a lesson in healing and acceptance – to fight the demon only to find that it was only me who gave it power, gave it life, gave it the dualistic opposite needed for conflict to exist. To feel the wounds and pain to fully realize the meaning of truth – that we all live our own truths and are the better for it.

So there will be no more posts I guess. No more insights I need to share. No more reason to – since you are perfect the way you are. I have heard the words echo before but only through fighting the good fight will the realization of what those words truly mean dawn on you. Only when you try to change yourself, change everyone around you, and tirelessly work to fix what’s broken do you realize that by the act of fixing you are actually damaging things even further. It may be true that there are “bad” things in the world and things we do not like but it is far easier to accept things than to resist them. They say that you must accept the things you cannot change. Don’t confuse it with what I’m saying – I do not believe it’s true. As great people have said in the past (forgot who) you can only change things once you’ve accepted them. Or you’re more capable of changing things only when you’ve learned to accept them first. Oh wait I remember where I found that now:


I know most people here aren’t into that kind of stuff but the advice within that link is sound and makes perfect sense to me.

Well anyway in this journey I found out the most about myself over anyone else and that is the most important thing overall. In order to love yourself you must first accept yourself. In order to accept yourself you first need to know the truth of your own being. You can only find the truth of your own being by looking for it. By running every path and seeing where it leads. By “playing things out”. You need to just see where your heart takes you. As Erica Jong has said:

“Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.”

The heart won’t always take you somewhere you want to be. At the end though you’ll always find that it was a necessary part of the journey. That without the dark places we wouldn’t know what the light ones are. That we wouldn’t be the people we are today if we only threaded down the easy path.

Everyone has their own path and their own truth. The key to happiness is finding yours and not threading down someone else’s.


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