Is marketing really NLP?

As the title says is marketing really a form of neuro-lingustic programming? I really do not know much about NLP besides it being a tool to change your beliefs – thus changing reality and who you are. If this is true then are marketers really NLP practioners in essence? After all they do the will of the highest bidder to shape what you think, what you eat, how you dress, how you feel, etc… In effect they are trying to define you – and those of weak will are in danger of becoming “the norm” instead of “who they are”. Don’t be afraid of who you are. You can run from it like I did and suffer – and if that is your path so be it.

It makes one wonder though – if marketers are really NLP then the realm of marketing should only be open to the most consciously pure among us. It only takes a few big bad people in the right place on media and marketing circles to really make a MESS of things. A lie in media becomes an abhorrance in reality. Think of all the damage marketing has done to our lives. All the illusions they place among us to benefit a select group of people. Everyone has the right to get what they want. The thing is DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT? Do you know who you are?  I venture to say that if you really knew who you were and you aligned with it then you could do no wrong – because in essence people are perfect because everything everyone has done was always out of love. Philosophers and economists say “people do things because they are selfish and only act in their self interest”. I say we all do things because we perceive that doing them will make us happier and thus we do all out of love. Even when we do things which are “bad” we always have a good intention in mind. Resolution, release, reenactment to resolve a past trauma, we are only trying to save ourselves from ourself. Do you know anything about you – who should be the foremost expert on you? Or do you just sit in front of the box all day while the world tells you who you should be? Tells you that you are not perfect the way you are unless you become someone who you aren’t. Do you have control over yourself anymore or are you just a puppet proxy to a marketer who’s at the helm of your ship?

Who’s at the helm of your ship? If you dare not ask the question then it might already be too late for you. There’s no such thing as too late but that little voice inside that bothers you and irks you to do things – aka – your heart knows who you are – it cannot seperate from it. Only you can – and by doing so you will feel the pain of trying to spread yourself over the dimensions of joy and suffering at the same time. Are you in control of your beliefs – thus your reality – or is a marketer using you like a AAA battery?


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