Conservative and Liberal Redefined

I just had an interesting thought. Maybe looking at the world through the lens of conservative vs. liberal is wrong!!! Here is the more accurate view.
Conservative = Content = Little to no changes
Liberal = Discontent = Radical and sweeping changes

Thus it would be true that all people tend towards conservatism but only when their needs and desires are totally fulfilled. Given that people are ever more desiring of things this would place most of them in a healthy balanced middle point instead of the two extremes. By being in the middle the duality of conservatism / liberalism would dissolve and just become a state of being.

If the above is correct then you can see interesting patterns emerge. Maybe the most conservative cities are filled with people who want things to stay the same and the liberal cities are the ones filled with people who want things to change.  Maybe the view that people are “conservative or liberal for life” is flawed. People will swap depending on circumstances. That’s the one thing I dislike about our political system. People change and thus their affiliations change. Sure you can change parties each year but it makes you look inconsistent and there’s a lag period. Also the overhead. Why can’t we take people as they are – why must we always label? We are one thing today and another tommorow. And that is life – life changes – we change – if we stopped changing and every one of our molecules went into equilibrium we’d fall down dead.


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