Those who lose their lives will save it…

For those of you who have read the Bible (forced to or by their own will) in the past they might be familar with this quote, “He who tries to save their life will lose it, while those who lose their lives will save it”. All in all this line basically means those who cling too closely to material life without a belief in higher powers will lose their life (probably due to bad decision making because of the illusion of a ~70 year lifespan) while those who live with faith in something higher and more real than this life will probably live a better life because of their higher perspective.

I think this quote has a much DEEPER meaning though when framed in the context of many of today’s problems. Basically I interpret the quote in the following manner:

Those who think they are saving their lives by doing certain things which are based on lies or fear will actually end up losing their lives eventually. Those who face their fears and live up to truth even though the spineless say they are disillusioned people risking their lives are the ones who will save themselves in the end.

In short – risk is reward and life while fear leads to stagnation and death.

One example – Heart disease

People believe cholesterol and saturated fat cause heart disease. Therefore people avoid these things when in fact they were lies created by collusion with the vegetable oil companies to promote margarine over butter back in the day. Now it has become part of our culture to avoid all fats and cholesterol when in fact they are a NECESSARY part of our diet and paradoxically they protect against heart disease!!!

But unfortunately people give in to the lie because it has become a sacred cow – a truth that marks one for insanity of challenged. Oh how we have unknowingly welcomed death to our door! Thus people now take drugs to get cholesterol to ideal levels (“ideal” cholesterol levels drop at the drug companies discretion every year to get more people on their profitable drugs). Everywhere you go people are trying to do everything to avoid heart disease but all of these actions are actually making them more prone to getting a heart attack!!! Saturated fat consumption has declined markedly the past 50 years but our rate of heart disease morbidity has skyrocketed. What is wrong here – everyone is exercising and eating right to save their life?

As Einstein says If you want more of the same thing keep doing what you are doing. Problem is that by trying to save our lives we are actually more prone to losing them because our actions are not based on truth! Saturated fat and cholesterol are NOT the killers – our conversion to vegetable oils, our sugar based culture, and our fear of not following the recommendations of “our trusted benefactors” (thx. half life 2!) are the true killers!

“He who tries to save their life will lose it, while those who lose their lives will save it”

Another example – Security

“Those who trade liberty for security deserve neither” is certainly the quote for our day. Ever since the “supposed” terrorism of 9/11 which was probably planned by our own government people have been living in fear of the “big bad middle easterner”. Thus people in their fear have created and legislated all sorts of laws such as the PATRIOT act which in certain situations gives the government and military FULL power to negate ALL of our constitutional rights whenever they want. Since this is in the context of terrorism ANY event can be made as an excuse to erode your rights. Now the governments have the power to destroy anyone they want lawfully.

Taking a picture at the wrong place at the wrong time? Terrorist! Put in the wrong keywords on a google search engine? Terrorist! Talking about how the US government needs to be revamped due to it’s inefficiency? Terrorist! Doing something the government doesn’t like? Hell, let’s trump up a TERRORISM charge against you!!! It’s an emergency I swear! We had to take pre-emptive action to save lives! Thus fear becomes the rationale needed to destroy you. Fear is elementary and destructive. Fear has made many make a bad decision in the false hope of “securing” themselves.

The worst part is people who fear the most pass these laws thinking they are SAVING lives when in fact they are DESTROYING them!!! There is already marked racism and questioning of “middle eastern looking people” at airports. We say “racism is gone” – bah – it’s in plain sight! To the fearful and close minded every middle easterner deserves to die and vice versa with the narrow minded middle easterners thinking all Americans should die. Thus we think by going to war we are saving lives when in fact we are losing some now and setting ourselves up to lose many more later.

We think we are saving ourselves by buying into our fear when in fact we are ensuring our eventual destruction!!!

“He who tries to save their life will lose it, while those who lose their lives will save it”

Another example – Insurance

Boy we have insurace for EVERYTHING these days. You name it – someone’s got insurance for it. People buy insurance out of fear to “insure” their loss if something goes wrong.

But there is no such security in the world of men. Insurance denies claims every day for the most abhorrent reasons. People who deny claims get bonuses from their companies. People pour TONS of money and energy into insurance to protect them from events which will probably never happen. Fire, flood, earthquakes, terrorism, acts of god, unforeseen injury. These are a fact of life. Just as you can’t tell the future you could easily get hit by a meteor fragment on the way home from work and die tommorow. Sorry your policy did not cover deaths by interstellar debris!!! Oh dear…

Thus people buy insurance to protect themselves when in reality they are just pouring a LOT of money into someone else’s coffers in the false hope of protecting themselves. They think they are making wise choices when in fact research and thought make the best insurances against anything.

Sure you could get killed by a car tommorow. Take the hit – and stop spending 90% of your money today in fear of an event which has a .00000000001% chance of happening tommorow! Those of you who’ve had to pay health insurance WITHOUT an employer are painfully aware of this. You spend almost 1/3rd of your income on health insurance to save yourself from something which will probably never happen.

“He who tries to save their life will lose it, while those who lose their lives will save it”

We often think that by giving in to our fears and making choices based on fear we are saving ourselves. Fear is an elementary motivator though and is only useful for avoiding multicolored snakes and scorpions. In all other situations fear is the mind killer because fear is based on lies. As another has said FEAR = “False Evidence Appearing Real”. And we all knows what happens when we make information based on facts which are not true. We make a bad decision – and we suffer for it.

We often look at those who take a stand as stupid and examples of natural selection. What we don’t realize though is many times these people are right and it is our own fear, ignorance, and short-sightedness which makes us think they are wrong. We think they are risking their lives when in fact they are saving them. It is those counterintuive things like running 45 degrees toward a speeding train is more likely to save your life than running away from it. Sure it may LOOK like a bad idea from the start – but once you put away the fear and the lies it is actually the best thing to do!

“He who tries to save their life will lose it, while those who lose their lives will save it”



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