Truth, Control, Definition, and A Review of Psycanics

(the topics mentioned above will not be covered in that order)

In my usual search for truth I’ve stumbled onto something called psycanics:

which claims to be “A science of being and life”. In other words it is a system to help you understand yourself and how to use that knowledge to control your life. Personally I like things which fuse the gap between science and spirituality because I think if something is truly and indeed truth then it must be true on all levels. It must be true scientifically and spiritually – a feat most things can’t seem to stand up to (i.e. I can’t see God therefore it is not real). Truth should be observable by our senses and understood intuitively by our hearts. Truth is what is constant and unchanging. It cannot be true in one context and false in another. Truth should be that which stands alone and needs no support to make it true. Just looking at truth should make it plainly obvious to us that it is true. I like to say that logic is truth without God. Truth that we attribute to the realm of observation alone while denying the infinite and higher powers we cannot observe with our carnal senses. For me pure truth requires no logic since it is known first in the heart and then from there can also be proved logically. It is akin to psychic phenomena – first you get a message later on to find out it is true. Many people want proof before belief but with some truths it often seems you will get belief before proof. That for me is what truth really is – something true for all contexts that can be approached from either side to derive the same result (science or spirit).  Science and logic will find that all things are quantum energy which springs forth from nothingness – therefore creating infinite energy out of the void. Spirit always assumed that we are bits of God broken off from the infinite who attached themselves to a world of constraint just to try it out. From either end we are coming to the same conclusion – that we are indeed God’s in human flesh – that we are all powerful and have full control over anything.

Anyway I think Psycanics from my skim over the material seems to offer some pretty promising stuff for people who are into understanding themselves. Psycanics seems to be a bridge in learning how exactly we can harness our God power to make the life we want for ourselves. They create a system with scientific labels and easily graspable concepts (well I thought it wasn’t too bad – your experience may vary).

For starters their “Laws of Happiness” article makes for a good introduction to their material. Well you can also look at their home page but I think this article is a much more “practical” start into the material. People like practical things anyway – spirit gets such a bad rap because people say it mostly consists of unusable and idealist theories. Anywhere here’s the link:

After reading taht in case you didn’t click the link to one of the supporting articles – I think this next one is a must read. “The External Quest” or in my words why working on controlling external things rather than working on yourself is the wrong way to go towards happiness.

In case you’re too lazy to read the above 2 links I’ll break it down. They say stuff similar to many of my past blog things which has been a rehash of what everyone has been saying for all time. External events don’t control your emotions – your interpretation of the event does. Psycanics just draws this out in great detail with their flowchart.


They claim the only thing you really control is Be – which is your identities – which in simpler terms are affirmations of yourself. These affirmations mostly take the form “I am …” or ” I can…” (and their negative coutnerparts I am NOT and I canNOT). Everything else besides Be is beyond your control. Emotions (feel) are beyond your control. Thoughts are beyond your control (we all “think” we think our thoughts – but where do these thoughts come from? On a sidenote at night between sleeping and waking states sometimes I’ll entertain thoughts which did not consciously come from me – same with dreams). Do (action) is beyond our control. Have (acquirement) is beyond our control. I’m not sure if I’m doing their material justice but it seems like to change any of the 4 other levels you must change the root level Be. Therefore the secret to having the life you want is by controlling your affirmations of yourself.

This was similar to a lot of Lester Levenson stuff I”ve been reading and part of the “External Quest” paradigm I’ve been trapped in lately. Honestly I think the world could use a COMPLETE overhaul – but then I realized the chinese finger trap concept of the world again. The more you try to change something the more it resists. The more attached you get to life the harder it gets for you. The more you look for the more you find. Ignorance is not bliss – but I think the concept was a distorted version of what it should’ve been. I think “Ignorance is bliss” really meant “Detatchment is bliss”. You don’t ignore – you acknowledge – but then you back away from it. Example: US Economy. The more I try to find ways to put our economy back on track the more I read about government corruption, social ignorance, stupidity, etc… The more I read the more I feel doomed that we are screwed. Therefore by attaching myself to controlling an external force ( the economy) I diminish ALL my happiness and replace it with anger, hopelessness, hate, and rage. By detatching from it though (I am more than the US economy – I deserve to be happy even if the whole world goes to hell) I find I feel more happy and empowered. Thus regardless of the external circumstance I reach the same end – I am happy. Sure the economy is still going to hell but I don’t have to go down with it :D.


Let’s take the US economy example again. If I say to myself “I am powerless to do anything about this mess” and “I am not powerful enough to enact change” the other links in the chain will follow suit. I will feel angry and depressed. Instead of focusing thoughts on how to fix things I will focus on how to save myself once the world collapses. Thus with my thoughts I will start doing things like stocking up rations and reading US army survival manuals. And as a result – the economic collapse just might come true. Why? Let’s say EVERYONE in the US entertained this thought process – thus everyone would regress into fear and we will have a self fulfilling prophecy situation – we fear collapse so much that it became reality. I’ve read some spirit channelers who claim this is what brought about the first economic collapse – impending fear of doom which brought it’s physical manifestation.

Now let’s turn it around


Now let’s say “I am God and I am all powerful enough to get us out of this mess. Even if the economy did collapse I am more than this earthy shell and therefore by divine inheritence I deserve to be happy no matter what.” Now with that feeling comes joy, ecstaticness, happiness, almost an arrogant sense of “I’m gonna do this to you and you can’t do anything about it” power. Thus in this new state of mind we no longer feel victmized and our thoughts will reflect that. Our thoughts will be those of making the best of the situation instead of trying to salvage a sinking ship. Our thoughts will drive us to action – and the action will bring us the result. One in which we will transition our economy with a minimum of social unrest into a more balanced one. Sure the collapse may still happen in either case but our self assertions of ourself will be the fundamental cause of what results from it.

This goes back to the whole, “Shit happens – now what are you going to do about it???” concept. The events are neutral – our reactions we can control through recognizing who we are. I think the Psycanics concept of “Be” can be expressed much simpler. I like to call it definition – who we are – are we well defined? What do I mean by that? I think this concept is easier to understand when you think of a person who is undefined. What does it mean to be an undefined person? That means a person who is not easily conceptualized, labelled, understood – the mystery man. Mystery in a bad sense. They don’t seem to have any feelings, any hobbies, any defining traits. One VERY good indicator of this is, “tell me about x…”. If you stumble after about 2 sentences trying to describe that person it is almost a sure indicator that they are undefined. Undefined can also by a synonym for repressed or closed. “I don’t know much about them…” is an indicator of an undefined person. From my experience I used to be pretty undefined – and from my experience I also know that the less defined you are the less control over reality you have.

Why is definition important? Because a defined person creates their reality. Their definition is the energy, the power, the action behind shaping the mold of reality clay. An undefined person looks at the clay of reality and has very little power to shape it. A defined person with their personality, charisma, confidence, and traits has overwhelming power to take the clay and do what they want with it. In a way defined people are powerful people – people who are unrepressed – who speak their minds and perform their wills. Undefined people will shy away from such a task and let whatever happen happen to them. Thus it is the core of a few defined people who shape the reality of the undefined masses. And this is why we need definition today – the people who are doing the shaping aren’t exactly benevolent. Instead of being nurturing they are taking advantage of you in every way possible. For the most part I expect most people to end up like me – blind to the manipulation until you lose things valuable to you.

Going back to Psycanics – a defined person has strong assertions of “I am” and “I can”. An undefined person is full of “I am not” and “I cannot”. Thus as reality follows thought (and thought follows definition) it goes to show that definition is akin to power. I can is empowering, I cannot is destroying. No one can stop you except yourself – but once you stop yourself oh hell it’s definitely over!!!! When I undertake something now I try to get a new paradigm in my head: I will let anything stop me EXCEPT myself. Sure in external terms I may become a REAL FAILURE but I will NEVER FAIL in my mind. Insanity? Not really – look at the world around you. People like to say “oh bad people will never get far” but open your eyes. The bad people never doubted themselves and they have taken the reigns. Reminds me of that spaceballs quote “Evil Shall always triumph, because good is dumb.”. And good is indeed dumb in today’s age.

Anyway – if you were raised Catholic (and maybe moved on like me) you may have heard about the whole burning bush fiasco and Moses. Basically a burning piece of bush says, “I am” and burns without taking damage – hAx! I think the real meaning behind this is the assertion itself

“I am” (or more technically “I am that I am”

Notice how the bush does NOT make any other assertion after that statement besides a self sealing closure of being itself (i.e. 3 = 3).

The bush did NOT go

“I am God”

“I am love”

“I am a bush that isn’t burning muahahha”

“I am x….”

It just says I am – which hints at the INFINITE and UNCONSTRAINED property of the speaker. The I am could be anything – but the bush does NOT constrain itself to one definition – the bush does NOT stop itself from being anything than infinite by leaving it’s statement in a closed identity loop. I am what I am does not tell us anything about what it really is – therefore it can be ANYTHING. Thus the bush became a representation of God.

So yeah Psycanics seems to be on track with everyone else’s self improvement crap I’ve read – that it is indeed a key to getting what you truly want – whatever it is. By molding our identity and making ourselves defined we wield more power to enact a change in this world. By disregarding control over our identity, taking reality as it is, and keeping to ourselves we will ensure that we will be slaves forevermore to a more powerful being. And if that’s what you want that’s perfectly fine – just know that some people do want to take the reigns and many of these people might not have the best intentions in mind. Thus best to play on the safe side and make yourself known before they make you theirs.


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