One size fits none / The world of will

One size fits none – the argument for an anarchic government

We can all agree that the current US government needs a lot of overhauling given the upcoming 2008 elections. What I’ve come to realize lately is that sudden violent revolution to “root out” the deeply embedded problems in our government would not work (even though it seems like this is the only way). This is due to the concept of “one size fits none”. Similarly you can think of this concept as “things exist in this world because someone wants them to exist”. This concept is also related to “If you don’t have something you want it’s because you didn’t want it enough”. What I’m trying to say is that our system is inherently flawed because it applies a set of uniform “one size fits all” set of rules, laws, morals, ideals, thought structures, culture, etc… onto an infinitely diverse set of people.

Basically “one size fits none” is a play on the “one size fits all” concept. Government exists (ideally) to become a manifestation of the rules and laws needed to keep society “stable”. The problem with the whole concept of government is that it applies a “one size fits all” approach. In a capitalist country you must play society as a capitalist. In a communist country you might play society as a communist. In a tribal government you must play society as a tribe member. Thus each person born or migrating to a governmental entity is expected to conform to the rules of that entity. And this is where the trouble starts.

People are different. People are unique. People will do what they want. These are the three self evident truths of humanity. No matter how similar you are to someone they will never be “exactly” like you. No matter how much you try to emulate or approximate another you will be you and they will be themselves. You cannot think their thoughts or speak their words (unless you are of higher consciousness in which case you recognize all variances of human behavior may be just manifestations of the conflict in the one human consciousness – I’m not sure – I’m not one of those people yet). Given that we can’t “transpose” or “merge” our consciousness into another we must assume for now they are different and unique. Given that how do we expect our “thoughts” of how the world should be could exactly agree with theirs. Even if the thoughts of two people did match we can never assess the “magnitude” or “variance” of their thoughts compared to ours. I like chocolate. They like chocolate. But do we like chocolate to the same degree? Probably not. Even if we did – our experiences of “joy” deriving from chocolate would be completely unique. Even if they were the same some other aspect of it would differ UNLESS we can totally meld into their mind and feel exactly as they do. Thus we never know what can be going through another person’s consciousness besides our own.

Since we can’t figure each other out then we cannot be assured we are all the same. Thus a “one size fits all” approach can never work in government. One Man’s food is another man’s poison” – Lucretius comes to mind as a similar example. The US encourages dairy products but they may make a Swede healthy while destroying an African American whose biological makeup usually makes them lactose intolerant. A shining example of government “one size fit all” approaches destroying us. Sure we make rules and laws that try to achieve “the common good” but for every law you create someone out there WANTS to break it. WANTS to break it. For every “don’t kill law” someone WANTS to kill another. For every “abortion law” someone WANTS to have an abortion. And as controversial as this is – who are we to deny what someone else WANTS. Do we know these people? Do we know the thoughts in their head the feelings they feel the consciousness of their conscious? We don’t – so we have no leverage to judge their actions. We have no right to impose government that applies a one size fits all approach. Our ideal government is no government. Anarchy. Because we are all different. And until government learns to respect that there will always be suffering and conflict because someone WANTS but that someone is being DENIED. Denial never works. Denial is sweeping under the rug. Don’t be afraid of who you are. You are a speck of god consciousness with god powers of thinking (we can think of anything – we know the concept of infinity). We are infinite and thus any attempts at denial and suppression are constraints on our infinite nature. Can you constrain the infinite? Can you say what the biggest number is? No. Only by constraining do we create suffering because we disobey an essential rule of nature and reality. That we are God and we will do whatever we damn want. And this is why we must not judge and accept the “bad” in others. Because what is “bad” for us might be “good” for them. Only by transcending this good/bad cycle can we find relief from this drama of “one size fits all.” Whenever something bad happens to me maybe we should raise our consciousness to not complain and be so selfish. Be so selfish to the fact that someone out there “wanted” this to happen to us. Someone out there was one step closer to God, to truth, to happiness by doing these things. Maybe this is the one common thread that underlies all of humanity. That we will do whatever pleases us and by denying ourselves this action we create repressed feelings and suffering.

On that note… 

The world of will – why the world is the way it is…

Earlier I’ve mentioned the concept of “things existing in this world because someone wants them to exist.” Think about something you do NOT like about this world. Now have you ever thought of the reason why such things exist? Let’s take one of my personal dislikes. I hate being lied to and taken advantage of. Sure most people don’t like that. What we don’t realize though is that many times in our lives we often lie and take advantage of others? I readily admit I do so myself. I am a liar. I want to take advantage of you because it makes my lower self feels good. Why do we do this even though we don’t like it ourselves? We do these things because we want to do these things. Thus lies and subjugation exist because we wanted it to. If we never desired to lie to another or take advantage of another would these things exist in the world? No. Therefore things exist in the world because someone out there wanted them to exist.

Given that – since we do not know anything about others in essence – what right do we have to project OUR thoughts”of the ideal world onto another being? By projecting our thoughts and judging there’s we create an implicit concept of worth. “My thoughts are better/worse than yours” is what results. Unfortunately this will ALWAYS bring up conflict because in it’s true nature the world bows not to one man as they say. Everyone thinks they are right. Everyone thinks they are rational. Unless they consciously choose not to everyone thinks they are doing the right thing at any given time. This happens because in a hard to explain way “everyone is correct.” Right and Wrong are illusions. Good and bad are illusions. What is bad for me may be good for you and vice versa. They are relative constructs with no grounding in objective reality. What I want you may label “bad” while what you want I may label “bad” even though you label it as “good”. I don’t want to exercise today. I don’t want to go to work today. I don’t want to do shit today. In fact I want to take advantage of someone today. As a society we label these things as “bad”. What society, what government, what people DO NOT REALIZE is what they consider “bad” is what I consider “GOOD”. Why should you judge my choices? What makes my choices worse than yours? So yes I may decide to do everything you consider bad but look at it this way. These things make -ME- happy. Happiness is -MINE- not yours. What makes me happy might make you sad. But WHAT RIGHT DO YOU HAVE TO INTRUDE UPON WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY?!?!

You say I would be happier if I did x, y, and z. But are you guaranteed that result? Are you me? Do you think my thoughts? Do you feel what I feel? No I am me and you are you. Until we raise our consciousness and realize we “just might be the same” you have to realize that one size fits none. That your “vision” of the perfect world is not “my vision”. You say I’m x but I think I’m y. You THINK that your vision of the perfect world makes me happierbut here’s your one mistake – YOU ARE NOT ME. Thus no common consensus is reached and the only conclusion we can make is that there is no objective labeling for me. Labels are useless. Stereotypes are always wrong. You want to know something? Until you can see through my eyes and walk in their shoes you know NOTHING about me. If I know nothing who am I to say I know things? You don’t have to listen to my words – you can outright deny them. I seek truth but you may be seeking truth as well and find we do not match up. That’s no problem – we are different people and we will each take different paths that lead to the same place. That which we seek – we desire – the desire that exists when all other desires are quenched – to be who we are.

 What is ideal then? There is too much friction in a world unless you are the only one on it. Thus you can either kill everyone else or accept everyone else. Acceptance must be the key – we have already tried killing for most of the human consciousness and we are not much happier than we were when we stepped out of a cave thousands of years ago. As they often say if you want more of the same keep doing what you are doing. You may want more of the same. I don’t. So this is it – we must part until our paths cross again. And do not take this as judgement or condemnation – don’t take it personally as they say. I want something different now. You want more of the same. Whatever we choose we will both take the paths that make us happier. This is our one fallacy with looking at the world – my one fallacy with my concept of Optimalism I’ve covered earlier – that one path is better than the rest and we should all take that path. There is no better or worse path. Throw away your bibles and koran’s and talmud’s and writings of ancients and look inward. Look in yourself. The truth is within you because it is your truth and your truth alone. There is no wide and narrow path, no good / bad, no blessing / sin there is nothing but consciousness. You know that feeling of discontent well under religion. That something is MISSING. That something is LACKING. That despite all what you’ve been thought and indoctrinated and fed that there is something MORE. There is always more – we are infinite – our consciousness knows no bounds. Thus we seek to act the way we are. We seek to be who we are – we are God – specifically fragments of God, fragments of the whole. And this is why our world is the way it is – because every one is a fragment and every act is an “Act of God”. We all do what we want and we will never fully be satisfied until we do what we want to do for all time. And this is why the world – with all it’s imperfections – may be perfect as it is.

To end this let us reflect on the wisdom posted by this person on Yahoo Answers in regards to “Why do we always want more…”

Timaeus says:

“Augustine postulated that the insatiability of human desire is an indication of the grounding of that need in a transcendental reality that he identified as God. For Augustine, it is really God that we want, thus the seemingly infinite nature of human desire. Attempts to sate this desire with merely worldly realities cannot fulfill this need, as the desire itself must be overwhelmed by God’s infinite nature. This is the meaning of Augustine’s insight about the human condition: “You have made us for yourself O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” Many have proposed other theories of human desire and its rapacious need for fulfillment. The culture currently prefers biological and psychological explanations, but none of the proposals have proved ultimate, nor have they proved capable of “managing” the often impulsive nature of human desire.”


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