Re-evaluation of the ‘God not based on fear’ argument

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With some recent contemplation, my “no wrong way to eat a Reese’s” blog post, and reading/thinking more on the Lester Levenson release story I’ve come to the conclusion that the world is indeed perfect the way it is. Why is that?

1) When Lester Levenson gained full command of the world through love he decided he did not need to do anything. Despite the fact he could do anything he saw the world as perfect the way it is and thus decided not to act.

2) In my Reese’s blog post I discovered that there is no “right or wrong” way to live. Each of us have our own unique vision of what makes us happy in life. Thus we cannot apply a “one size fits all” approach to happiness through the enforcement of optimal choices. Thus making all optimal and all perfect choices in your life may not lead you to happiness. You can do everything right but still feel like everything is wrong. Thus as each of us has our own unique key to happiness we can redefine perfection maybe as “everyone doing whatever they want that makes them the most happy.” Given that then maybe our world is still imperfect but not to the degree of being totally trashed. Maybe we are just baby steps off perfection and our awareness is too focused on singular things to realize that. Maybe the person fusing bombs to their chest or polishing off their rifle is similing – having a great time – knowing death will exalt him and give them the greatest happiness. Some people like pain – but pain is usually indicative of a bad choice. Thus optimal choices may not be necessary to reach happiness and the world may be just fine as it is despite what we think.

3) If you believe in such things as God or higher beings or even evolutionary physics (a self coined term for the mechanisms the world uses to regulate itself i.e. natural selection) then you may have noticed that the world is slow to act or does not act at all in most cases. Whenever someone robs a bank or machine guns a group of people down no magical force of nature or act of God instantly crushes them for their wrong doings. Whenever people do good things for others gold and jewels don’t rain down on them. It seems the world is “on it’s own” running under some pre established rules of nature. If this is so that can suggest two things – that there is no God – or there is a God which depicts the world as it is as perfect – and thus does not act. There is no proof I have to argue that God depicts our world as imperfect and thus must “clean it up” so there is a possbility that our world is perfect or in no need of external intervention.

Whatever it is the world might be perfect as it is – and this possibility will invalidate one of the statements on my proof:

The God is not based on fear argument – prove by contradiction

Assume God is based on Fear
To those faiths who believe in a God or higher power, this higher power or God is a creator of the world. At the very least they are a model of the world (how things should be)
As it follows – if God is based on fear, the world will be a reflection of God if God is a creator – deriving a world of fear. If God is a model – then the model for the world is one of fear.
We are currently living in a world of fear (there is not much love in Earth 2007 – we are still fearful, insecure, and distrustful of others [most of us anyway])
Since the world is based on fear and God is either the creator or model of fear our world is perfected!
The contradiction is though that our world is not perfect. If the world was perfect we would be completely satisfied.
But we are NOT Satisified. People all over the world yearn “for better”. This blog exists because I am discontent with the world.
Therefore the world is not in a perfect state. (world might be perfect)
  Therefore God cannot be based on Fear.

Given that let’s continue and assume the world is perfect, then in consequence:

The world is perfect

Thus we cannot conclude anything about God

Thus maybe the nature of God is beyond the mental capacity of the human brain

Thus God may be based on fear.

Given that I still feel a strong internal resistance to the fact that our God is based on fear – therefore let’s put down an alternate argument. This simple but concise argument comes from the book, “Ami, Child of the Stars”.

“You said that there are people you find difficult to love, right Jim?”


“Is it bad not to love?”

“Of course,” I replied.


“Because you said that love is the principal fundamental…and all that.”

“Forget what I told you.  Let’s suppose that I’m fooling you, or that I’m mistaken.  Imagine a Universe without love.”

I began to imagine worlds where no one loved anyone.  Everyone was cold and egocentric because without love there’s no brake on the ego, as Ami had said.  Everyone struggled against everyone else and they all destroyed each other…  I remembered the energy that he had mentioned, that energy which was capable of producing a cosmic catastrophe.  I imagined a guy who was very powerful but who was an unfeeling fanatic or who had an ego that was out of control to the point that his own destruction didn’t matter to him.  I imagined him pushing “the button” just for vengeance…  Galaxies were exploding in a chain reaction!

“If there were no love, the Universe wouldn’t exist anymore,” I deduced.

“Then could we say that love builds and the lack of love destroys?”

“I think so.”

“Who created the Universe?”


“If love builds and God ‘built’ the Universe, is there love in God?”

“Of course!”  There appeared to me the image of a shining, marvelous being who created galaxies, worlds, stars.

“Try to leave off the beard again,” Ami laughed.

It was true.  One again I had imagined Him with a beard and a human face, but now He was in the middle of the Universe instead of in the clouds.

“Then we can say that God has much love…”

“Of course,” I said.


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