There’s No Wrong Way To Eat A Reese’s

Indeed I’ve learned there is no wrong way to eat a Reese’s. In fact there might not be a right way either. If every way was valid though then wouldn’t that imply perfection? If not perfection – wouldn’t it imply that your style of eating a Reese’s is just an act in itself which cannot be labelled – making that which cannot be labelled something that just IS? Let me tell you how it came about…

Quite a while back I suffered enough to the point in which I wanted to turn my life around because I got sick of hell. 3 years later after I cried silently in a car and promised to some great beyond that I would change if my life would turned around it happened. Life turned around. It was the same life but viewed from a totally new lens – and that made all the difference. Life is an internal experience projected outwards and the people who don’t recognize that seem to suffer. I digress but that is my personal truth.

Anyway,  my life turned around and with a newfound fervor I wanted to change everything that caused my suffering in the first place. Views of myself, philosophies about the way life works, the corruption in the world, the ignorance of others, it all had to go. Just like those good old room purges in the early college days where on the day before you move out everything either goes in the car or goes in the trash. Everything had to be liquidated to create the paradise world I wanted for myself. I defined myself and with definition came the power to assert change upon the world – or so I thought. I quickly learned you cannot change others and that you can only change yourself. I was about to learn an even deeper lesson regarding this concept though…

I  always thought to myself, “How could this world be better for everyone?” I came to conclusions that by a massive shift of consciousness all of us would make optimal choices. Thus by all making optimal choices our world will come out optimally – perfect – paradise. For Example: War is not an optimal choice because it just breeds more suffering, hurt, and more war. Thus if people were highly conscious they would not choose to war because of the suboptimal payoff war brings. By co-operating and accepting each other we can reap a larger payoff than fighting for it and destroying what little we have. I came to term my new religious paradigm “Optimalism”. It was like my newborn baby without the pregnancy (or if you look at it another way years of pregnancy). I thought Optimalism would be our savior. If everyone made the right choices – if everyone made the best choices – we would all be happy. There was only one way to eat my Reese’s – and that was the optimal way. And for all this time I thought this was the only way humanity would achieve it’s goals until…

Until life having a funny way to teach you lessons. Life seems like a dull series of random events until you read between the lines of life. By analyzing the events life throws at you one can often learn much information. There are events that happened years ago which I am still disseminating in my head and deriving new thoughts. Aside from that though life was about to teach me that Optimalism was wrong – that the act of any one way of eating a Reese’s compared to another’s was wrong.

I  am a heavy computer gamer. Or more accurately I *used* to be a heavy computer gamer. This has waned for me over the past couple of years partly due to new insight but mostly due to others. Maybe I lie there – maybe it’s mostly due to me seeing the game in a whole new way. I have to give that more thought but anyway we’ll start with the facts I don’t exactly love tham as much as I used to. And why is that? It’s because the people who play the games have seem to change lately. No longer do people play the games just for the act of playing – just for the act of transferring their consciousnesses into a none material Earth plane for a time. Now people only seem to play to win. Win. Win win win win win. Nevermind the true value of the game – to assert your God aspect of yourself in a malleable world – the new game of the day was victory and victory could only be achieved by winning.

I played one game after another after another hoping to find people who just played to “experience” the game instead of “win” the game. Sadly I have not yet found any such game. Maybe I’ll try Second Life since it has no victory conditions :-P. Regardless though if I was presented a game all the people who played the game only wanted to win. Most kills, most loot, most honor, top of the list, #1, etc etc etc… It’s like everyone had a hole to fill in their ego (and sadly the stereotype is true with many gamers – they retreat to the game to fill in gaps in their real life.) As one cannot fill real life gaps with electronic pulses and pixels one cannot expect to conquer the problems of a lifetime by sweeping them under the rug and escaping into a malleable world. Sure it feels good and I don’t deny it is a crucial step in regaining your trust and grounding in self confidence but to retreat into that world forevermore seems like the kid who stays in the womb for their entire life.

So in short people just played the games to win. Every game. And since most online games ( I like people ) have victory conditions most people I played with only wanted to win. And man oh man this has pissed me off to no end. I can’t do anything in a game without having someone criticize me about how I play the game. Someone is always on my back saying, “WHY CAN’T YOU DO MORE TO WIN?!?!?” “WHY CAN’T YOU BE MORE LIKE US WHO WANT TO WIN?!” “IF YOU DONT WANT TO WIN THEN YOU DONT BELONG HERE.” Not those exact words but those concepts. Then here’s where the smoking gun with it’s smoking bullet tore my flesh apart. I realized that because I was not always performing optimal actions in the game to get closer towards victory I was being criticized. I felt bad… I felt horrible. My newborn baby boy suffocated on his own spit. Optimalism was not the answer to a better world. By daring to label one true philosophy and path to happiness I found only frustration and anger instead. Everyone got on my nerve about how I did not play to win – how I did not play optimally – and that forced me to abandon the game altogether. And maybe that’s is my lesson in this case. Maybe it is true what they say – there’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s.

Maybe I could get angry. Maybe I could look them straight in the eye and say, “This is my Reese’s and I’ll eat my Reese’s however I f*cking want!!!” Maybe this or that but the damage is already done. The Reese’s is already on the floor with it’s chocolate stains laced through the ruining the purity of the moment – the peanut butter melted and leaking out of the shell as a memory of what could have been. And maybe we could spill blood over it but adding more stains to the carpet doesn’t make it any cleaner. I was wrong and I admit being wrong still has triggers for me that remind me of my past suffering – which make me irrationally angry and reactive. But it was all my fault to begin with – it was my thoughts of Optimalism which manifested the results I saw in my life – people who only wanted to do the best things for themselves. My road to paradise was actually paved to hell but given my faith and desire to save the world from itself I could not smell the smoke on the way. The human backstory of the game “Warcraft III” depicts this concept perfectly as a young Prince desires to save his people so much that his actions singlehandedly cause their eventual downfall. Sometimes by not letting go and accepting what is that we create the path to our destruction. Maybe this is why some people preach letting go of resistance and trust. I for one do not believe in submission seeing as it destroys definition but now I am on the other side of the coin. I tried to lobby everyone into buying paradise and ended up hating what I saw once I got there. I was wrong and for a moment I forgot everyone’s right to be wrong. I fell in love with my way of eating the Reese’s so much I wanted everyone to find the same joy I did – and by doing so I only led myself into despair.

So maybe it is true what many higher sources of psychic channeled knowledge point out – that there is no better way to do anything than anyone else’s way. That we are all one and all paths are equal. Maybe there’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s. Given that realization even though our world is far from perfect from my vantage point – maybe from a higher one it IS perfect. Maybe the wars and suffering and corruptions of the world are just results from other people wanting to “experience” the world instead of “playing to win”. Who am I to say that these people are wrong for not taking the optimal path? That will only anger them like it has angered me. Despite the state of the world many people have seemingly found happiness, god, and contentment despite the chaos raging all around them. Maybe our world is perfect and I am fighting a spectre of my own making. Maybe the parts of the world I don’t like are only reflective of a lie in my head – the lie that there is only one way to eat a Reese’s. There is no wrong way to eat a Reese’s.


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