Crayola Politics

As election time draws near we are called to choose another glorious leader for our nation. I for one find these “Crayola Politics” an exercise in assertion while being an exercise in futility at the same time. We should vote to exercise our assertion that we exist – that we are indeed defined free will creatures and not a blank slate for some other being to paint their will all over our canvas. On the other hand there is always an inherent amount of error and corruption in any political system so the deck is already stacked against us in this game of power. Regardless of the situtation there will never exist a candidate which will be exactly like “you”. Every person on this Earth runs off their own free will and has a different creative vision of what they want their candidate to accomplish for this world. Thus, each of us will pick our own candidate who agrees most with our ideals (or is the lesser of all evils) and put forth our support for them. There is not one route to victory (though it seems many times our leaders want to choose the one route to defeat).

If anything I call this Crayola politics because it seems like each of us are just choosing one color crayon over another and extoiling its virtues. In the end though every candidate’s vision varies and each of them have their own motivations for running. We may label their intentions [good / bad] but in the end it is fruitless because for every candidate which has a supporter exists an opponent. Unless we all unanimously decide 100% every vote (not Saddam style mind you) to vote for one candidate how can we assert that one is better over another? Each of us have our favorite Crayola crayon colors, but who are we to say, “My color is better than yours?” Can just one crayon paint the entire piece? Or have we forgotten the higher truth – that it doesn’t matter which color we pick but it is the artist who defines the picture. Who is the artist in this case? It is you.

Regardless of who they put up on the throne you dictate what you want the world to be like. If you don’t like what you see it’s only because you did not define what you wanted or let somebody else define it for you. If not that maybe they gave you a lie – demand truth next time. Sometimes it seems our political mentality is still rooted in the middle ages – we declare one person to be our “knight” and have them fight the other team’s knight. All we can do is stand on the sidelines and cheer while our knight fights the fight. Times have changed though. No longer should we glaze helplessly at the screen as our leaders take our country on the road to hell. We should take back what is ours – take back what we’ve forgotten – the power to color our reality with whatever colors would please us.


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