Free Will isn’t what it’s cracked up to be…

Back in the summer I was one of the lucky ones who just returned jetlagged from a trip which meant I would sometimes be up at weird hours of the day such as 4 AM. As life and synchronocity would have it this allowed me to participate in the “Fire the Grid” event. This event was a collective act of people around the world meditation/experiencing joy focused on one specific time (11:11 Greenwich Mean Time). For the European among us that would be just before lunchtime and a great time for a break from the hard day’s work. For West Coast USA’ers though this was an ungodly 4:11 or 5:11… anyway ungodly hour of the morning in which no one is awake. Thus I felt it was almost by sheer chance that I got to participate in this event – especially the fact taht I only heard about it yesterday afternoon due to reading a forum post that just happened to cross my attention.

To make a long story short a mass of people meditated/did joyful things and that was that. No wormhole in space opened up, no whirlpool spit the lost nations back up, in the physical standpoint absolutely nothing happened. Of great interest though is the “Global Consciousness Project” which is trying to prove that we humans have a “group consciousnes” similar to birds flying in flock and salmon knowingly swimming upstream:

An interesting read in itself, the project consists of a great number of random number generators (each which can only spit out 0 or 1 – binary system) positioned throughout the world. As statistics and math have proven over a long period of time and given a sufficiently huge number of random number generators the result should converge onto approximately 50% 0’s and 50% 1’s. [Note: the project is much more technical than this and for a thorough explanation please dig it out of their site] What is interseting is that even though this statistical law seems valid there are exceptions to this rule before a world changing event. They have documented cases in which hours before 9/11 or Princess Diana’s death or a major world event the random generators going haywire and spitting out a non 50% distribution. Basically it seems the global consciousness ( the thoughts of everyone focused around a common event ) can make a statistically significant change in the function of these random number generators. For periods of time these random number generators become non random and tend more towards 1 or 0 before a major world event.

How does this all tie in? If you look on their site for the line graph depicting the “Fire the Grid” event ( July 17, 2007 ) you will see a singular spike during the event despite the negative trend of the line.

Above image is from

Anyway we might have a global consciousness. Given that let’s read an excerpt from the “Fire the Grid” site itself

A quote from:

under “The Plan” heading”

“Human beings chose many thousands of years ago to disconnect themselves from a collective grid, so that they could have free will. This severance has allowed us to make our own decisions and be independent. But it has also allowed us to make many mistakes which have adversely affected this planet. And it has made our direct communication with The Source more difficult. We are now at a turning point when our disconnection could mean the end of the earth as it now exists.”

OK seemingly far out words from a source of unknown repute. The end statement of this quote is easily verifiable in our own lives though. With today’s shaky international situation and our newfangled weaponary we can easily wipe out the human legacy in seconds with a few keypresses from one deranged individual. If not that a few twists of some economic markets and a few numbers being off kilter can send the world into economic collapse. Anyway let’s not focus on these things they are already common knowledge. The claim they’re making in the above paragraph is free will allowed us to be free but also allowed room for error.

Up until this point in my life I’ve always thought free will to be the ultimate expression of being human (much less being an American). To nullify someone’s free will is to brainwash them – to turn them into an animal – to destroy what is human within them. The capacity to make mistakes is well known in our media as being an endearing “human” quality. To be without free will seemed to be the ultimate crime – the one of stripping someone’s humanity and turning them into a mindless computer. Who wants to be a mindless computer (I think many already are but taht’s a debate for another time). The mere thought of being brainwashed will send chills up most people’s spine. Entire wars waged and nations risen/fallen to defend “freedom” and the right to do what one wants to do. In addition to this there are the never ending streams of conspiracy theoriest and alien xenophobes who are constantly claiming that aliens or the government or some external entity is working 24/7 to rob us of freedom and eventually our free will.

Putting all this aside it has only occured to me lately that maybe we shold not have free will – that free will might have been *gasp* …bad *end gasp* for us. Maybe we should not have the capacity to make our own decisions and instead of being independent bow to a common agenda.

By now most of you might think I have gone communist and the conspiracy theorists among you might have thought I have turned to the reptilian alien side. The religious amoung you might accuse me of being satan for these words but let me explain my view.

Free will has given us the capacity to make mistakes. Without free will we can by definition be perfect because we could never make mistakes. With free will though we have the capacityto do anythign we want – which includes the capacity to make mistakes. Instead of making this a polarized argument maybe we are just looking at the issue the wrong way. It is POSSIBLE to have BOTH free will and optimal decisions making. I can have free will – and I could exercise my free will to not make any mistakes. Practically this is next to impossible but theoretically this is possible. The notion of free will allows one to make any choice they want. The set of “all good and optimal choices” definitely is a subset of “all choices”. Thus it is possible.

The perfect day…

Wouldn’t it be great if one day we made all perfect choices? We wake up at the right time and had the perfect number of hours to sleep. We eat the perfect breakfast which is both good for you and tastes orgasmic. We drive to work in a perfect commute with no accidents or slow points. We take tests and know all the right answers. We meet someone attractive and say all the right things. We enjoy our jobs and do it perfectly well which in turn gives us both wealth and satisfaction. We come home to our perfect lives blah blah blah… Sure we may think a perfect life may be boring – thus the existence of free will and sub-optimal choosing – but given the current state of the world I wouldn’t mind having a “perfect” day every now and then.

What if for one day we were exalted and perfect? How much better would our world be. The notion of perfection doesn’t have to be a stiff boring world of conformance – it can be whatever we want which brings optimal value to our lives. Perfection for me is doing what I want WHILE deriving maximum happiness from what I do. It is making choices which both deliver the maximum amount of satisfaction and happiness to the individual making them. I argue that you don’t need a “loss” of free will to make these choices. One can make all the right choices consciously.

Given the above I think our view of free will which is currently:

Total independence                                                         Total submission


(Error)                                                                                     (Perfection)

is flawed. I think free will in reality is more like this…

Making choices                          Making conscious choices w/ optimal payout


(Error)                                                                        (Perfection)

We still have the ability to do what we want – we just decide to do the right things. We all decide to do the right things in consensus. Thus we did not submit or become brainwashed to the notion of a better world. We just choose  the best choices – the most optimal choices – and we become perfect while still being free.


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