Spectrum of Authority / The Killswitch

I’ve recently realized that the amount of authority people need in their lives exists on a spectrum. On one end of the spectrum is total control and on the other end of the spectrum is total freedom. For a long time I’ve had philosophical arguments in my head about which is the truth. Under total control we have no freedom but on the other hand we can make no errors therefore making us perfect. Under total freedom we have total control and authority over our lives but that introduces the possibility of making mistakes and being wrong. Our lives seem like a big conflict – we want to be perfect yet we want total freedom.

Anyway I read my usual material and I came upon a realization. The amount of authority someone needs in their lives is totally dependent on them as an individual. People of lower spiritual maturity need rules and control. People of higher spiritual maturity want independence and assertion. One of no more right than the other – they are merely different points on the spectrum of authority. They are ALL needed.

Just to clarify – when I say people of lower spiritual maturity I am talking about people who actively seek rules, laws, to be controlled, authority, or someone else to make the decisions. People who haven’t experienced enough to have a good grasp of the concept of morality, of what is right and wrong. They might not have the concept of optimality either – the ability to look at all outcomes and choose the one with the best payout. These people haven’t seen enough so they need the authority as a guide – a model. Just as you can’t take the average kid off the playground and have them fly a 747 jet can you expect a spiritually immature person to be able to act “on their own accord” without making some major mistakes. Some examples I can think of people who are spiritually immature are many of our leaders in government or industry who pay no heed in destroying the lives of others, the environment, etc… to make money for themselves. Even though they are the bosses many of them make choices which have disasterous long term effects just to get a short term advantage. This lack of foresight hints to me at why these people see the need for rules and authority figures to be in place. Because they cannot trust their ability to save themselves how can they expect others to? Hence they need rules and laws to give them a certain sense of consistency and security. Without these limits who knows what boundaries they will overstep next?

A more spiritually advanced person would be someone like Gahndi or Mother Teresa. These people see the big picture so well that to put rules and authority in their paths would only serve to hinder them. Imagine if you were a talented artist and you were told you could only use 5 colors from a palette and have to just color in a picture and not be able to create your own. A person with high spiritual consciousness does not need rules because they are self governed. Can you imagine telling Jesus not to spit on the sidewalk or Buddha to control his temper? These people are of such high consciousness that putting rules in front of them is almost embarassing. Reminds me of those innocent children who walk up to adult CEO’s and tell them to behave because they are noisy. These people are best left alone with total freedom since they have the capacity to handle it. We are all sick of hearing it but once again, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!” I am so sick of hearing it, so I prefer to hear the corollary: “Giving great power to immature individuals will f*ck up our world!” And this is exactly what we have done. We put the rules on God and give total freedom to the deluded. Everything from our food pyramid to our concept of life needs to be flipped totally upside down. We only know we can’t swim today because we’ve gone all the way from our side of the pool to the deep end. We need to give freedom back to the masters and rules back to the slaves. Self assertion for ALL beings (responsible and irresponsible) just doesn’t work. Our lives on this Earth are proof of this karma.

We need to bring the spectrum back. Power proportional to capacity. The ideal government is self governance. A government for each individual in accordance with their maturity. A government which grows with the person. Restrictive at first but unbound in the end. This I think is the optimal choice.


Just to comment on “the killswitch” does anyone else find it ridiculous that a bunch of suit and ties sitting in some old building can tilt the economies of the entire globe into ruin by just changing a number by a fraction of a few percentage points? I read alot about economic collapse on earth and they are mainly due to credit and some guy in a suit panicking, spitting out numbers a few % points off expectations, which in a domino effect destroys entire nations overnight. Never in mathematics did we ever imagine that a single number would wield this much power.

Why must we – in our beautiful world – implant within it a killswitch? Even better – why must the integrity of our material existences be tied to a few numbers printed with ink? Are we so powerless now that we can be manipulated by fractions? People decide to buy a house, not buy a house depending on a %. People quit their jobs or start a business due to a %. People invest no money or all their money depending on a % a computer spits out. Could you describe the summation of your life’s experiences as a numeric percentage? What right do the economists have to bring us down from our state of happiness of joy by twiddling a few numbers?! Isn’t life worth more to us than fearing when somebody will throw the killswitch?

Be fearless. When you hear, “we might have a problem…” don’t jump into conclusions. Enveloping yourself with fear is almost a surefire way to trip the killswitch.


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