What do you want? Be specific! – The gift of duality

I had a lucid dream one night (for those of you who don’t know what that is a lucid dream is a dream in which you know you are dreaming. You can control the dream to some extent with your thoughts). In my lucid dream I was in a castle and I could change the look of the castle at will with my thoughts to what I wanted.

“Give me something creepy!” I thought – My castle morphed into a catholic church looking castle (weird huh rofl – I was raised catholic before becoming a seeker of truth)

“OK This isn’t very creepy – in fact it’s weird – Give me something hilarious!” – My castle morphed back into a normal looking castle. I was wearing a gold ring on my finger though. This ring mutated from a simple gold ring with some random jewel into a gold ring which protuded a golden fork. At the base of the ring and the fork was a gold stamped template of the 7 dwarves from Snow White and the 7 dwarves. The whole gold ring unit looked to be one solid piece of gold.

“OK – this is just absurd.” I stepped outside the castle trying to fly – I wanted to fly out but instead I just made 1 long leap with a feather light descent into the ground. I guess we don’t always get what we want…

A month later I had another lucid dream with a huge degree of lucidity. Basically whatever I wanted in the dream it came true. There was one problem though.

I didn’t know what I wanted.

The dream seemed to run on it’s own accord and it’s own rules but was easily malleable to my thoughts and desires. I wanted to go up on stage and perform something but I didn’t know what. The dream decided for me. I wanted to go somewhere nice but I didn’t know where. Dream decided for me. I didn’t even know if I wanted to have sex in the dream or not – apparently my dream decided to make the experience rated PG. I wanted some action in my dream and an unmanned car suddenly started driving towards me while I was standing in the garage. How random. I realized while dreaming though that I have made a critical mistake I need to fix for the next time I lucid dream. I have to know what I want.

Erin Pavlina talks about lucid dreaming on her blogs quite a lot. She says the following quote from her entry Reality of the Unreal:

“When you do that in your dreams you end up with the habit in your waking life as well. You realize you can direct the course of your “dream” er, I mean life. Are you living a lucid life? Or are you at the mercy of the “Dream Master” who will send you whatever dream you need to experience for growth?”

This quote brings up a very important point. If we don’t know what we want in our dreams and fantasies where we have a huge control over the circumstances then how do we even start to know what we want in our real lives? Unlike my dreams if I dream of cash and prosperity gold coins just don’t materialize out of thin air before my eyes. Real life seems to take sweat as payment for making things happen. I can’t fantasize to myself and start flying and pay off the bills in real life unfortunately. That’s a pleasure only reserved for the dream realms. Eventually as we develop our minds I hear molding reality is possible but for the vast majority of us it probably won’t happen within this lifetime.

Going back to the concept though if we don’t know what we want then how do we even begin to know which direction to take in life? It is true that most of us live asleep – we don’t know what we want – we just get something random and we react to it. We make shallow choices in our careers, relationships, life, etc… then only when we realize that they are wrong for us do we react. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. We won’t care about the next presidential election or saving our environment until nuclear ash falls from the skies and our rights are totally stripped away. Unfortunately it seems if we don’t know what we want a stronger willed entity that does know what they want will make the decision for us.

I think this is why they say evil wins when good does nothing. Evil is not stronger – it is merely doing something other than nothing. Most people live their lives doing nothing. We waste 5 days of the week to live in 2 of them (the weekend) then we wonder why we’re already 40. We rarely take sides on anything – we come home and sit in front of the computer or TV and pleasure ourselves to sleep just to repeat the cycle over the next day. No one ever really lives anymore – we just zone out and let the world feed us what it wants. As Erin said it is the equivalent of letting the “dream master” decide for us. We don’t live consciously – we are just like thoughtless organisms that go for pleasure and avoid pain. Some even say that is all we are. This can’t be true though – we have the will to decide – the will to define what pleasure and pain is. Given this flexibility already implies that our experiences are just more than good/bad – they are an infinite number of choices we can imagine and create for ourselves. Nothing on this world came “as is”, cars, airplanes, computers, etc… That stuff doesn’t grow on trees. They were all conceived in thought before materializing in our reailty.

Now going back to knowing what we want. I think part of growth is developing a notion of what you want. When people play mind games with me and ask me to fantasize what I want I often find I cannot give concrete answers. What color will your future house be? I don’t know. Where do you want to live? I don’t know, maybe here or there or there or here. Describe in detail your perfect vacation. I don’t know where it will be or how the trees will look like nor how hot it would be. Call me indecisive but I spend up to ten minutes sometimes trying to figure out what I want for lunch after looking at all the choices!!! Are you like this in your life? Do you know what you want? Do you know what your goals are?

I argue that we are never really alive until we can specify in excruiciating detail what we want. I don’t think we can become rich until we can specify what color the venetian blinds in our mansion would be and what proportion of ingredients would exist in our lobster cakes. I don’t think we can become healthy until we can specify the exact carb/protein/fat ratio we are going to eat and recite off the top of our head the entire list of exercises we will perform for the hour. I don’t think we can have a better world until we can completely memorize the speeches we are going to make and the exact things we are going to do to make the world better. I argue that without being specific and concrete we can never even come close to getting what we want.

So how do we start getting to know what we want – by knowing what we don’t want. This my friends is the “gift of duality”. The gift of being able to label things good/bad, right/wrong, high/low, love/fear, up/down etc… The notion of opposites and differentiation. I honestly think all is one when it is all said and done but until we reach that level of understanding the notion of dualities are our greatest aid in growth. A sculptor can make their statue in one of two ways – they can either take a bunch of clay pieces and combine them to make the piece or the sculptor can start with a huge marble block and chisel away the portions he doesn’t want to make the piece. We can approach the problem from either angle but the result will eventually be the same. This is why I want to be wrong at times. This is why I think we should ask for strength in being wrong. By being wrong we come closer to the truth. By knowing what doesn’t work we come closer to knowing what does work. By being incorrect we eventually narrow down the possible choices to come upon a correct answer. This is the gift of duality. This is also the gift of free will and assertion. If God smitten everyone right before they commited an act of sin what would that accomplish? If everyone was always right could there be any growth – or just regurgitation? Why does evil exist? It’s not evil it’s people being wrong to approach right. Why does good exist? It’s people just being right to approach the same goal that being evil attains. It’s all the same thing all in all – it just depends on how you look at it. Anyway by knowing what we don’t want we start getting a better idea of what we do want. I don’t know what I want – but I know I don’t want to be poor, diseased, and ridiculed by the entire world. At least that’s a start. If I can specify what I don’t want I will have eliminated 50% of the possible choices right there. Looking at 10,000,000,000,000 choices is much easier than looking at 20,000,000,000,000 choices. As I become more and more specific to what I do want the choices get narrowed down even more. Thus by exploring what I don’t want I eventually come to know what I do want.

Ending Note: To get what you want you must be specific. Immerse yourself in the details. Looking for a new job? Think in your head the exact things you will be doing for one entire day. Looking for a new relationship? Imagine the smell of your new partner’s hair. Looking for a new house? Draw pictures of how the house will look, how large the rooms will be, how many cars the garage will hold, wood or carpet. BE SPECIFIC!!! Don’t let life decide for you. Don’t let the “dream master” decide for you. If you do you might end up getting a gold ring of a fork with a seven dwarves silhouette on it.

Update (12/26/07)

I just stumbled upon a site with the story of Lester Levenson, supposed creator of the “Sedona Method” (I know nothing about this method but I found the story very interesting)


Basically it is about a man who goes from being materially successful but empty inside, steps away from death, to becoming a fully enlightened human being who can move things with his mind. As he explores the meaning of life and raises his level of consciousness he starts manifesting paranormal powers. Basically towards the end of the story he realizes that life itself is an illusion and that nothing is solid. Given that realization and his level of consciousness he quickly learns how to “dream” his thoughts into material reality. Thus we have a story which if true has some very interesting consequences…

Reality is indeed a lucid dream but with a much harder level of controllability. We create our own reality but the amount of “force” needed to construct this reality is immense compared to the dream reality. In the dream reality we can use our minds to attract what we want (the fact that I can’t attract EXACTLY what I want in my lucid dreams says alot about my waking life).  In waking reality mentally thinking about things doesn’t make them happen. People speak about beliefs and attitudes which are basically just thoughts. These thoughts can influence events that happen in your life but fall short in being able to create them. Confidence in yourself will land you the house, the car, the girl, the job, the happiness etc… but sitting in your room and fantasizing about these things doesn’t mean they will materialize out of thin air. I now theorize that the means of controlling your reality is completely dependent on what level of consciousness you are in.

For people who are of a lower level of consciousness (i.e. don’t believe in life after death, god, materialists, people living in fear, requires proof for validity) then the main route of getting what you want would involve physical labor and action. In the Christian context I think this was what the bible was trying to refer to in the story of Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden. In this story God states something along the lines of Eve’s labor being rife with pain and Adam having to sweat and toil physically to extract harvest from the Earth.  Basically what this story was trying to convey was the fact that after Adam and Eve’s consciousness fell from a level of happiness and love into one of shame their lowered level of consciousness resulted in the loss of paradise; the loss of being able to create reality with thoughts alone; the requirement of physical pain and labor to get what they wanted. This theory is supported by the concepts presented in The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ. As long as we don’t love one another and ask “the bigger questions” about life – as long as we live dead and never ask why we will continue to suffer. The toil will continue until we get sick of it and ask is there something better.

Now as for people in higher levels of consciousness (Buddha, Jesus, people who are naturally spotaneously happy and joyful for no apparent logical reason, people who give of themselves, people who can love unconditionally, people who are fearless)  everything seems to come in easy for them – almost like a dream. They think of something and with a minimal amount of physical effort it happens for them. Coincidences and random events all fall in line to make their lives wonderful to the point whereas to explain the happenings logically would be impossible. Paranormal powers are more of a norm rather than an exception – they know what you are thinking – they know things without the use of logic and thought. It’s like the world bends to their will – and indeed it will because once you are at the higher level of consciousness you will remember you are a fragment of God. As a fragment of God you are entitled to all the powers that come as a result of that realization such as reality bending. Most people who have total success with life always seem to know that there is a lot more than meets the eye in life. They are the ones who ask the big questions and try to derive the big answers. People who speak at motivational seminars, self help seminars, etc… always seem to have it good. They tell you stories of how they went from nothing to everything. They get paid thousands and thousands to deliver these speeches and even though they might not work for most people they are raking it in themselves. What seperates them from us? I argue it’s a higher level of consciousness. They are so high above us that they can speak the truth which worked for them but until we get up to their level it will not work for us. Thus for these higher level conscious people they can pretty much dream up material success at will while putting forth a minimal amount of physical effort. Indeed some of these people make more in a day than a farmer or miner would make in a year. Getting up in front of thousands of people and speaking your truth for a couple hours is not as labor intensive as farming or mining for an entire year. Yet they get paid 10 times as much for 10 times less physical labor. What seperates the motivator from the miner? It’s the inner belief system. It’s the mind. It’s the same mechanism of control we use in a lucid dream. We can all be motivators tommorow. A mass rise in consciousness would transform this world into a lucid paradise where we could materialize houses cars and private jets with our minds.

Or we can continue having more of the same. The only thing stopping us is ourselves and our own beliefs. Maybe someone should do a statistical comparison on success (financial, social, any success) in relation to their level of open mindedness. Sometimes it seems the most unsuccessful people I see are the most closed minded – the ones who believe that we are not God and we have no control. The ones with the victim mentality. The ones who say they are just slab of flesh living in a solid world with natural laws. I wonder what their lucid dreams are like. I wonder what they decide to make for themselves at night when they realize they are dreaming.


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