Projection IS Fear

Hello All,

I had a short burst of enlightment which precedes writing an e-mail with suggestions to someone. I was pretty good at controlling my projection since this incident angered me inside. I reflected on projection and the following connection revealed itself – Projection IS Fear.

On my upcoming articles post I write a few lines on projection intending to combine it with a singularity vs duality topic later on. I’ve decided to give Projection it’s own post though because of my sudden burst of enlightment. Anyway my outline on projection reads:

The world “should” be this way
but it’s not – free will – neutrality – “right to be wrong”
(connects to duality – combine this with singularity and duality’s title?)

Now I’ll deviate from the outline and share with you my new thoughts:

Projection is fear – the fear of the other party not being a self regulating individual. In other words – the fear of others not claiming responsibility and being accountable for thier actions. We as a society create punishments, jails, and deterrents because we believe people cannot change themselves. We believe the crimals will always be bad, the murderers will always be remorseless, and the wrongdoers will never feel guilt. We believe that unless we tell someone NOT to do something that they will go ahead and do it anyway. We don’t believe in love – we believe everyone else is out to get us so we must make rules and draw lines to protect ourselves. In this sense the fear also extends itself to becoming insecurity – the feeling we are not safe unless we have total control over everyone and everything.

Projection is what we want for the world. We often forget though that when we project we make the grossest violation of the other party’s free will. People have the right to be wrong – because being wrong is not a bad thing – it is a key step to growth. We fear people will never grow though and will continue to be wrong until the end of time. It is our fear that urges us to project onto others what we think they should do. Since projection is a fear based action it cannot be healthy – nothing based on fear can be healthy – fear is the essence of death.

If they say love is everything, and fear is the opposite of love, then fear is nothing. By acting on fear you are putting your chips on the side of the destroyer. Fear only comes about due to our concept of duality. If everything was one we would have no concepts such as fear and love. One day though we wanted to differentiate things and to do so we would need at least 2 distinct concepts: Love which is the essence of everything and fear which represents the essence of nothing (the lack of love). When you project you act out of fear. When you act out of fear you are supporting the destruction of our reality. Sure you may not see physical objects disintegrate before your eyes but the acts of your projection will certainly be the spark for said destruction. How does projection lead to reality destruction? The next paragraph will describe this process in gory detail.

Projection always makes the other party feel bad and angry. (I’ve never seen an instance where this is NOT the case – if you’ve seen one PLEASE share. Constructive criticism is not projection btw since constructive criticism takes into account the other party’s feelings and is an act of love and not fear.) Anyway – projection makes the other feel angry. That angry other will have a shit day and will spread anger all around. They’ll post how pissed off they are on their blog and will probably be volatile around people the entire day. Everyone who has to hear their crap will become depressed and it will ruin whatever joyful mood they might have been in. This in turn will ripple and create a nation of depressed people. This depressed attitude will eventually lead to anger if it lasts long enough and the people are sick of getting depressed. This anger will lead to hate, which will lead to violence and warfare. When the conflict happens then you will see bombs and guns and the world fall apart before your eyes. Thus by projecting you helped contribute to the physical destruction of our planet. We always think of people we label as the great evil’s in the world. Why did they do what they did? Maybe they wouldn’t have if the person serving them their muffins did not treat them like shit on one odd day. You’d be surprised what the “straw that broke the camel’s back” is when a person is in a constant state of passive/aggressiveness. I would not find it surprising at all if whole nations fell over meaningless things.

Anyway – don’t project and be fearless. You’ll help make our world a much better place.


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