Ignorance, Fear, Irresponsibility – The demonization of raw milk

Today’s tale is about my thoughts on California’s current raw milk controversy.

I am neither a researcher nor a champion of public health but I write this piece because I have experience with raw milk and raw kefir. I have drank raw milk in the past. I’ve moved on to raw Kefir since my body seems to agree with it much better than raw milk (I have a slight degree of “true” lactose intolerance which can only be triggered by HUGE amounts of pasteurized and raw milk). I have drank both of these raw products without any consequence for almost 2 years now.

I am not one who thinks of themselves sheep – not one who likes to be told “don’t do this because I said so…” Despite the risks, warnings, fears and concerns from family and friends I put my fear aside and tried milk raw. I heard about the apparent benefits and they outweighed the risks in my mind. I was scared but in this life I’ve probably made a promise to resolve fear. I know fear WELL and I know enough that fear only destroys – it serves NO other purpose except motivation before the dawn of consciousness. Back to raw milk though – Oh my god it was delicious! Many believe in no such thing as intuition – only logic. I find many times in my life that the intuition comes first and the logic will come after – that is the realm from which I operate. Before I took the sip of raw milk I somehow knew in the back of my mind that this would not harm me – that I was protected. As long as California’s ranches keep their high standards of cleanliness I will feel safe and protected for years to come. The current standards of cleanliness are enough in my opinion – I am alive – there has been no massive epidemic of death and destruction linked to responsibly raised raw milk in the past either. The Californian government has decided though that the current standards are not sufficient after 2 deaths correlated to raw milk.

Before I dive into my usual ranting on “right to choose” and “acting out of fear” let me put in something I think is appropriate – a short clipping from another website outlining the reasons behind milk pasteurization. We need the proper context to understand why there is a controversy – to understand a coin you need to look at both sides [and the 3rd side that joins the 2 sides together 😀 ]

The following has been taken from The Jewish Virtual Library on Nathan Straus

Nathan’s career in public service began earlier, in 1889, when he was appointed New York City’s parks commissioner. In 1894, he received the Democratic Party’s nomination for mayor of New York, an honor he declined. Three years later he was named president of the New York City Board of Health. During the 1890s, Straus became especially concerned with the plight of New York’s tenement dwellers. During the terrible depression winters of 1892 and 1893, he operated a chain of centers to distribute food and coal to the poor and he built shelters for the homeless. However, his main concern was the high mortality of infants and children that, he became convinced, was caused chiefly by their consumption of unsanitary raw milk.

Straus was sensitized to child mortality by the deaths of two of his three children. Straus claimed that it was the sudden death of his own cow that first drew his attention to the relationship between raw milk and child mortality. After an autopsy revealed that the animal had tuberculosis, Straus worried that the animal might have passed the disease along to his family. Doctors, scientists and social reformers had long denounced the poor quality of milk available in the nation’s cities, especially during the summer, and they blamed bad milk for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of American children. Straus saw a need to act.

Straus was convinced that the discoveries of Louis Pasteur offered the best hope for a remedy to the milk problem. He built his own plant to sterilize milk bottles and pasteurize (that is, heat) milk to kill bacteria. In 1893, at his own expense Straus opened the first of 18 milk distribution depots throughout the city, which sold his sterilized milk for only a few cents and made free milk available to those unable to afford even that.

Straus believed that ensuring safe milk should be a government responsibility. He tirelessly lectured civic groups and bombarded political leaders around the United States with missives describing the menace of raw milk. He carried the campaign abroad by building pasteurization plants in Europe and the Middle East to demonstrate the technique to foreign governments.

Farmers and commercial milk distributors unwilling to undertake the expense of pasteurization opposed Straus’ campaign, which he waged together with his wife Una. Some scientists suspicious of new-fangled ideas and politicians reluctant to see government conduct social experiments also resisted Straus’ campaign. His views took hold as statistics showed that infant mortality rates in the areas around his milk depots dropped precipitously. In Manhattan and the Bronx alone, Straus was credited with saving the lives of thousands of children. Considering the mortality rates in other cities that adopted his methods, the effects reached millions of children. By the early 20th century, cities and states began requiring milk pasteurization and in the 1920s Congress enacted national milk health regulations. In 1920, Straus donated his pasteurization plant to the city of New York and turned the milk depots over to public agencies.

From the text above Nathan Straus is a virtual saint (along with being a virtual entry in the Jewish library). Saving lives is good in my book. I think he did the right thing at that time given the circumstances. No one likes seeing their own children die – no one should ever have to suffer such a misfortune. The fact that he may be one of the primary men responsible for today’s relentless attack on raw milk does not make him a demon at all.

My support of raw milk does not imply that I am spitting on the graves of Nathan’s children nor am I indifferent at the latest string of deaths which are correlated to raw milk. What I want is truth. The truth to me it seems is that the raw milk which did kill these people was raised irresponsibly due to the fact the cows harbored diseases. Anything raised irresponsibly can harbor disease. I personally believe in the Bechamp school of thought regarding disease (it is the opposite of Louis Pasteur’s theory accepted due to political reasons. Bechamp says the disease cause the germs; Pasteur says the germs cause the disease). I won’t write on that because that could be a life study in itself. From what I read though was that Pasteur’s theory was accepted over Bechamp due to political reasons and Pasteur recanted his theory on his deathbed. If that is truth, that’s what I want to know – that our methods of disease treatment have been based on flawed principles since the beginning. Most medical practicioners will agree we live with germs all the time – why is it some get sick easily and others never get sick? I think internal resistance has a LOT to do with this. I read in one other article that Bechamp or some supporter of his apparently drank a glass of groundwater full of a germ which causes a deadly disease and did not succumb to it. Why this truth might have been lost in the annals of history is bothersome to me. Google these things up if you want to know more about them – truth is your responsibility in the end not mine. In short, the germs in anything may kill you if your internal resistance is not up to snuff. Our obsession with “antibacterial” everything is growing a nation of weaklings.

Anyway on the flip side of the coin is an analysis done by Organic Pastures – the major supplier of Raw Milk to California. Full article is here:

Organic Pastures on AB1735

Read the link above and also read Dr. Mercola’s take on raw milk.

Dr. Mercola’s take on Raw Milk

The arguments for raw milk are too long to paraphrase but I’ll try.

Raw milk has definite benefits over pasteurised milk – it is a LIVING  food. Heat kills therefore pasteurization kills. Our bodies our made up of mostly bacteria – therefore ridding bacteria from everything is like ridding ourselves of what we are composed of. There are good and bad bacteria. You are safe as long as the good outnumbers the bad. Pasteurization kills ALL bacteria when in reality most food has good bacteria which far outnumbers the bad bacteria. If this weren’t true the food would be spoiled and we have evolved on this world long enough to know some spoiled food should not be eaten. It is a bad strategy to get rid of the bad through getting rid of everything. Imagine the number of war casualties we would have if every war was a total war – kill all military and non military personnel. Back to raw milk: raw milk is SAFE when the cows are raised RESPONSIBLY. Organic Pastures raises their cows RESPONSIBLY. Therefore Organic Pastures raw milk (and any other raw milk coming from a responsible source) is safe. Raw milk raised from irresponsible sources is a threat. Sick animals = Sick food = Sick humans – simple.

Citing the above would take me weeks of backtracking my views on health but this blog’s focus is not a scientific argument for raw milk. Google up and search for the facts I claim myself – I’ll say it again truth is your responsibility – don’t be a sheep – don’t take my words as truth until you have known it yourself. What I really want to get into now are the reasons behind the attack on raw milk. I believe the attack on raw milk is totally unfounded because it is based on the prime evil – Fear.

The title of this blog is “Ignorance, Fear, Irresponsibility – The demonization of raw milk.” This is what I mean by Ignorance, Fear, and Irresponsibility.

Ignorance – The lawmakers and American public are uninformed about both sides of the raw milk issue. In fact most people don’t care – that is the truth. Due to this ignorance and sheep mentality of American people we believe everything raw is bad. Everything is pasteurized today; everything is antibacterial today – this is a self evident truth. America is not a healthy nation – this is a self evident truth. America’s attempted interventions at better health for the past 60 years based on their flawed paradigms are not working – this is a self evident truth. Most people will not act unless they suffer – this is my truth and this is probably a self evident truth of today’s world. After all – look at drug sales – we want the quick fix! I want the quick fix – but after searching for the truth I’m starting to realize and accept that there is no quick fix – we must take responsibility.

Fear – America is a fearful nation. We interned the Japanese during WWII, we feared the Arab during 9/11, and for all the other times we can’t think of we probably acted in fear and irrationality. We fear death but our fear clouds our logic. We fear raw milk for the few deaths it may afford us while the things which help alleviate fear – drugs (legal and illegal), alcohol, and smoking are basically left alone. Most of our prescription drugs have not been sufficiently proven to be safe – have obvious side effects which may include death – have severe risks far worse than the disease but our fear of said disease which sometimes may never come drives us to take them. There are many bad things in this world which are obviously harmful to us, which are considered harmful by consensus, yet we continue to pick on things which we fear. Raw milk is one of the many many things we have crucified and possibly will crucify in the name of fear. We are a loveless nation – look at all the goth’s and emo’s running around – look at all the planned school shootings. I don’t mean to pick on these two crowds but I admit I almost became goth at one point – this world is depressing – no one loves or trusts each other anymore. We have become a manifestation of fear – a molded putty for our leaders to have their way with us. We no longer question or think – fear paralyzes us from doing so. We accept everything at face value because we fear the truth. We let the fear run us until we are up against a corner – which is my case. Most of us know enough to turn around and fight when fear destroys our lives – destroys all we might have been. Unfortunately some will succumb though and become violent or suicidal.

Irresponsibility – We no longer take accountability for what we do – we have become a nation of suing, blaming, and pointing the finger. When bad things happen to us it’s “their” fault. When good things happen to us it’s because we’re so rad! We deny the bad and only accept the good. We create governments, leaders, and champions to do the jobs we are too lazy to do ourselves. We create agencies and watchdogs to watch over us when in fact it is every person’s responsibility to watch over their own well being. We trust the keys of our lives to another then we get angry when the driver does not go where we want. With our two prime evil brothers Fear and Ignorance we do as we please without thinking of the implications to others. Fear causes us to not take responsibility when we are at fault. Ignorance clouds our judgement and gives us the false belief that letting others be accountable is the right thing to do. Raw milk kills when the cows are sick – yet we take no responsibility for the sickness of the cows. We take no responsibility for the fact we have destroyed our environment to the point in which the only food left availble for us is poison. We say we want freedom but then we let others speak for us regarding what we want. I am guilty of this myself – I want a world with only good pleasurable things when in fact I deny the true nature of the world – good and evil exist in this world – they are one in reality – they are a part of the God experience – they serve to define one another for our carnal minds – you cannot just have one without the other. We are responsible for what we bring into this world – evil only exists because we let it exist. If everyone shed their fears and stepped up to the plate to face evil it would no longer exist since no one would create it. We like to think the world is an entity which we live in when in fact we are responsible for the world experience we currently have. If we were born poor, abused, and forsaken it’s the world’s fault. If we were born rich, venerated, and loved it’s because we deserve it. We don’t realize we can be anything we want – we let the subconcious program go on autopilot since we deny any responsibility over it’s thoughts. We think the higher selves are autonomous when in fact our conscious thoughts ripple their influence up the chain. No one’s going to save you except yourself. It is true what Ben Franklin said – God helps those who help themselves – because we deny the greatest responsibility of all – that we are fragments of God itself. That we are responsible for what is.


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