I want to be a doctor! …and other such nonsense


You ever listen to those commercials doing children’s shows or been to a daycare center when children are discussing what they want to be when they grow up?

I want to be a fireman!

I want to be the president!

I want to be a vet!

I want to be a lawyer!

I want to be a musician!

I want to be a doctor!

Oh my isn’t that last one a popular one among youth. I can’t imagine a time in my limited lifespan where I haven’t heard a child utter the above words. It seems like EVERYONE wants to be a doctor when they are 4. If everyone had their way when they were younger we would just be a nation of doctors firefighters lawyers and businesspeople. The rest of the jobs can go to hell anyway – along with the kids who want to be essential jobs like farmers, laborers, and the like.

Why you may ask am I against people who are not doing what they want? Because when you don’t do what you want you do a shitty job at what you do! That is why we have a health problem in America for once – misdiagnosis and a crapload of wannabe doctors who never question the machine. No one questions anymore – everyone just accepts in the wrong context. I accept but I am AWARE (or strive to be). Most people accept out of NAIVIETY which in another name is ignorance. Ignorance in another name is a lie – the opposite of truth. I’d hate to pick on doctors only – it happens in all careers – but doctors is one shining example with today’s rampant “drugged society” and health issues. Going back to doctor’s definition on wikipedia:

Doctor (gen.: doctoris) means teacher in Latin and is a contraction of the Greek διδάκτωρ, didaktōr, teacher, from the verb διδάσκειν, didaskein, to teach.

Who finds it ironic that doctors are OVERPAID and teachers are UNDERPAID? Most doctors (not all there are some shining examples of love) I know are HORRIBLE teachers. Imagine going to school and asking a question – here’s a common medical doctor response:

Because I said so.

Because the FDA said so.

Because the government said so.

Because I went to medical school for 8 years of hell and you didn’t and as a compensation for going through said hell I deserve to rule over all indefinitely.

Yes you teach as well as I can talk with my ass. Do you want to be a doctor? Then BE A TEACHER FIRST. I think teachers would make much better doctors anyhow – they’ve dedicated their life to teach others the truth. One day I hope I have the honor of being called doctor – a beacon of truth. And if not a champion of truth – an avid explorer – a fearless man – one who can face the darkness and find all there is to it. I refuse to die a mediocre man. My ego speaks that last line – it fears wasting my experience of life and having it all for naught. One day I will conquer that fear though.

Going back to having to work a job you don’t like to get what you want:

Who implants such thinking onto our children? I blame the parents. In reality I think everyone should be allowed to make their own independent free will choices. Human beings are malleable in mind though and suggestions/thought forms from others quickly become internalized in ourselves beneath our awareness. If anything parents should teach their children how to be self thinking aware and responsible loving citizens of this world. Instead what most parents teach their kids is the “dog eat dog aka survival of the fittest” law. The law of duality – you against them – you against the world. The need to inflate your ego – you must be BETTER than them. By filling their children with thoughts of the material they empty the spiritual in them. Children no longer become free souls with the right of expression and desire. They become cogs in the machine – they are implanted with thoughts of being doctors to become rich and successful. To the ever growing generations of youth that matures into the world we live in we see the same pattern – make money first to do what you love second. The direct route to love – doing what you want; being who you are takes backstage to WORKING FOR THE MAN. Why is there a constraint in life – why must we “pay the piper” before we satisfy ourselves? Who defines it? Is it defined outside us – or within? Why do we set boundaries? Is it because we think it’s impossible or because we’re afraid of our own inability to control ourselves if everything were possible?

I argue the thought that we must make money to get what we REALLY want is defined within – and it is only defined because we have accepted it as truth when in fact it is a LIE. We accept it due to the lack of being taught any other.

I’m a geek – and why not? I like the wikipedia’s definition of geek:

A definition common among self-identified geeks is: “one who is primarily motivated by passion,” indicating somebody whose reasoning and decision making is always first and foremost based on his/her passions rather than things like financial reward or social acceptance.

Isn’t this what life SHOULD be? Why is geek given such a negative connotation? Maybe I’m being projective again and not aware of the fact everyone has their own goals in life. I’d like to put up this proposition though – if you are not working for you – WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR? It’s like that scene from one of the Austin Powers movies where Austin is repeatedly beating up a guy in a bathroom stall asking, “WHO DOES NUMBER 2 WORK FOR?!?!?” I digress with that last comment but my question still stands – who do you work for? Think hard about that because from my point of view even though most Americans and other world citizens claim to be free we are actually born into slavery of our own making. We say we our free but we choose careers which do not satisfy us as payment to get what we really want.

Most will counterargue that many fields will not make enough money to support a living. SO WHAT?! What is “a living?” There are people all over the world with next to nothing who are supremely happier and more enlightented than their slaved industrial counterparts. Why do we fear letting go of the system – why can’t we conquer this fear? What if EVERYONE tommorow gave up their jobs and really pursued what they wanted with disregard to material aspects of life such as standards of living and wages? Would our world be better – I say absolutely!!!

In reality people would say this is not possible. You can probably think of a trillion reasons why this sounds dreamy. Let me just say this though – I am pretty sure we are living a material life to learn lessons. Why? Because if we weren’t WE ARE ALL BETTER OFF DEAD! That’s right you all heard me – WE ARE ALL BETTER OFF DEAD! In the Astral realms after death people can manifest what they want and do what they want at will without regard to balancing the checkbook or working for the man. You are as much as I am attached to this material life and maybe that’s why we’re here – that’s why you’re here reading this right now. Frankly though things are better if we were all dead and living in the fast manifesting non physical world. The fact we’re here then signifies we have a mission or something to learn because if we didn’t things are much better off on the other side – in Paradise.

Whatever your mission is though – make sure you live for you first – else you just might be coming round back here again. And if I’m wrong – I’ll see you next life :-D.

Overall don’t feel bad if you’re guilty of all the above sins. A young soul needs to explore it’s life and figure out what it all means – a mission we must all come to terms with someday. Don’t take my words as being of a condescending demeanor. This would like be me telling a 3 year old “GROW UP!!! Stop acting like a kid!” It is stupid. Everyone has the right to experience their lessons through their own lens of awareness. We can’t force kids to grow up too fast – look what happens when we do. We end up with a bunch of 30 year old adults who regress into children at the slightest push of their ego triggers. Let bygones be bygones. I am just here to break the veil of ignorance. I don’t care if you disagree with everything I say for all time – iy is enough for me that you know the whole story. You can never have a whole unless you find all of its parts.

In short – don’t be a doctor – unless that’s what you really want. As it is said many times “to thine own self be true.”


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