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About – Summary

Truth – all is one. Our ability to differentiate and judge (good/evil right/wrong red/blue love/fear) is our downfall.
(maybe link to aquarian gospel of jesus on that topic)
By recognizing things may not be as one we set the stage for conflict and suffering. There is no conflict and
suffering if we view all as one. Could you have a war if eveyrone was fighting on the same side?

Even though this is truth and is true for me many will deny it – and I am haven’t reached the stage yet where it has become truth for me – it is based on faith in my current experience. I find that
I live my life in a better fashion by taking these principles to heart. The journey to accepting this truth is the reason
we live. The lessons and experiences we rack up will eventually converge onto this truth. We can only learnt his
truth ourselves by knowing both sides of the story fully. To know good and bad good and evil black and white
to such an extent to recognize they are the same thing. To see that a cup and a seagull are the same is one of our
many lessons in life. Cup? Seagull? they are NOT alike at all! Our need to differentiate this wastes energy and makes
us suffer. The ignorance that they are different makes us suffer. If in our heads we just accepted the fact that
they are the same we would see our minds have no conflict. No need to fight in our mind why cup and seagull are
not alike. No conflict – no suffering – total acceptance – just bliss. Paradise. Heaven. Truth is the light that leads us to paradise.
Through our experiences we will see that truth empowers us and lies destroy us.

Core – Why believe this?

As jesus and buddha and ascended masters said – DON’T – EVALUATE FOR YOURSELVES THE TRUTH
  makes sense – less evovled entities we always insist we are too irresponsible and childish to make our own choices – that we must SUBMIT – that we must be SLAVES
Why I believe – weariness, faith and logic

Weariness – discontent with the way the world is.
  I can conceive of something better – I am dissatisfied with the way things are.
  I demand better for myself and others
  Rebellion against rules and established protocols
    i.e. rich get richer poor get poorer, no pain no gain, unless you are financially secure you can never be happy,
    especially pop culture: thin=good fat=bad, “models” – examples of what we SHOULD be (which implies LACK OF ACCEPTANCE for what IS) – almost a form of projection
  Lies – schemes – geting shortchanged
  shortchanging yourself
  “Dog eat dog” world – why? Who defines it? Why is this “the law of the world”? Why must the world be CONSTRAINED instead of FREE?
    i.e. the world only belongs to the rich, the strong, the sharp – all others are expendable.
  Whole concept of Winners and Losers – Why must someone lose for someone to win? Why do we differentiate between winners and losers?
  Insecurity, fear, lack of love – Causes need to be BETTER than someone else – ego – by being better our fears are allayed (but never for good)
Faith – believing/acting on behalf of a belief which is believed to have a better payoff over another belief
  i.e. Pascal’s Wager (link to this)
  Or a reverse contradictory argument: This is the way the world is – is this what we are settling for?!
  The God is not based on fear argument – prove by contradiction
  Assume God is based on Fear
  To those faiths who believe in a God or higher power, this higher power or God is a creator of the world. At the very least they are a model of the world (how things should be)
  As it follows – if God is based on fear, the world will be a reflection of God if God is a creator – deriving a world of fear. If God is a model – then the model for the world is one of fear.
  We are currently living in a world of fear (there is not much love in Earth 2007 – we are still fearful, insecure, and distrustful of others [most of us anyway])
  Since the world is based on fear and God is either the creator or model of fear our world is perfected!
  The contradiction is though that our world is not perfect. If the world was perfect we would be completely satisfied.
  But we are NOT Satisified. People all over the world yearn “for better”. This blog exists because I am discontent with the world.
  Therefore the world is not in a perfect state.
  Therefore God cannot be based on Fear.
  What is God based on then? Love. (link to simple proof from Ami child of the stars)
The logic – perfection
  define: perfection
  Perfection is making the best choice given all possible choices
  If all best choices are made for all choices possible for all time – that is perfection
  I don’t want to shortchange myself – this is natural and true – everyone wants the best for themselves and others.
  Evil, Sin – Are they bad? If so why do they allow it?
   God allows it
   Higher entities allow it
   A: Concept of free will, neutrality, non interference
   < put my story – link to “You have the right to be wrong” article
   Counter: If non interference and no motive to stop doing evil – evil will win
   A: There are new age laws of energy (you get what you give off) – relation to golden rule
      Thus evil is not bad, it is just a choice which results in a sub-optimal outcome
      The outcome isn’t evil – but you shortchange yourself. You are doing more work for less gain.
      Thus – no punishment for evil – evil punishes itself with the results evil acts give off.
      The wages of sin is death – not exactly – maybe – more accurately wage of sin is a life which isn’t as much as it could’ve been
        A step away from the perfect choice. Thus the punishment is you shortchanging yourself. (examples here)
  (link to singularity vs duality article for more on why evil/good don’t really exist)

Why truth?
Truth brings us closer to perfection by giving us the data necessary to see the correct solution
Doubt and falsehood skew the choices , or in some cases hide the right choice.
Buddha knew this, “Cause of suffering is ignorance”
  Ignorance is not being able to see things as they really are
  Without truth you cannot see things as they really are – thus you suffer (examples)

Everything comes from the inside

Why is it people say when we cannot do x to others we are only reflectin the lack of x in ourselves
A: everything comes from the inside meaning…
      You are the definer of your life
      Besides subconcious triggers you have total control over emotions and your outlook
        subconcious triggers are controllable – they just happen to be “deep” triggers – i.e. “the autopilot” – the essential you – when you dream and logic is supressed this seems to reflect you more. Might be the portion of awareness retained through death,
      Your interpretation of life BECOMES the reality (law of attraction/manifestation “the secret”)
      Thus – you are responsible for everything that happens in your scope (link to steve pavlina’s subjective reality?)
      Events can be interpreted in many ways – emotional control classes teach this same concept
        Events do not generate emotions – interpretations do – context does
        Link to clarityseminars.com – discuss concept of “on drugs”
Thus everything comes from the inside
If we can’t love we can’t love others
  This happens becuase in our interpretation love is impossible – thus our interpretation is based on our belief. Reality then follow suits to our interpretation (People see us as loveless people, thus they will react to act less lovingly)
Reverse look: My internet paranoia (I distrust internet people because I distrust my own restraint on the internet)
  When I’m on the net I am appalred at how many ways I can get away with things
  Thus, when I look at others I wonder “what stops them from doing what I can do”
  Thus I am paranoid and fearful of them.
  BUT if I harbored no such thoughts of doing bad things on the internet – naturally my reality will follow my interpretation, which was based on my belief – in my reality people wont be bad on the internet
  BUT (counterargument) people can still be bad – this is no guarantee (for non spiritualists)
     TRUE – agreed , thus…
Concept: What if everyone was better on the inside?
Argue: Evil could not exist if everyone improved themselves (i.e. definition of the new age)

Evil is powered by people
Bad things happen because a person does something bad or decide to do something evil
But if everyone decided not to do bad things anymore
Bad things would no longer exist (link to godumentary – war with no others to war with)


Don’t be Afraid of Who You Are

Marilyn Manson quote
Who you are (soul)
Who you say you are (ego)

Self definition – the correct context for consensus (self defined (vote – agree or disagree – person exists) vs. undefined [no vote – person does NOT exist])

Why do you care about them? You only know yourself (in lower levels of spirit)
  Namely – you have the right to be happy in whatever fashion you define
Segues to good/evil (connects to duality)
  Only in duality do we differentiate – thus we judge – thus we suffer
  By accepting we can accept both ourselves and others


The world “should” be this way
  but it’s not – free will – neutrality – “right to be wrong”
  (connects to duality – combine this with singularity and duality’s title?)

(linked by 4) Singularity vs Duality

link to matthewbooks (all is one)
Discuss singularity – the ability to differentiate things (duality) makes us suffer. Could be buddha related – we suffer because we see the world dualistically when in truth it is singular.
  In singularity – all is one – accept things for how they are
    Results in acceptance of people/free will/neutrality
  In duality – there are differences/distinctions – we suffer
    Link to quote on spiritportal
    we can conceive of things and then conceive of another way they could be but they will NEVER unify since we can define a distinction
      thus – it is always an imperfect model. It can be approximaed to near perfection with both sides of the distinction being very similar but they will never be one
        without accepting this oneness conflict will always exist. Conflicts can only arise when a duality exists – That which is one cannot conflict with itself (there is no such thing as self conflict – self conflict means some fragment of that singular is differentiate –> duality)
When all is one we can accept
In acceptance we are content
  This acceptance is NOT submission – we recognize our own power to define our own existence but we give others the same right
  Extension to golden rule: Do to others what you want done to you
    This extends to being true because all is one now – if all is one doing something for others IS doing something for yourself
    Thus there is no distinction – no guilt in serving yourself or serving others (link to steve pavlina’s post)

You Have The Right To Be Wrong

(story in hotel)
He may have been right – but I have the right to be wrong.
People do not learn lessons to a substansial degree from being right
Concept of completeness – understanding both ends “can you really be right if you don’t know what it’s like to be wrong?”
By understanding both sides you can eventually see that it doesn’t matter evenutally (link to singularity vs duality)

Anyway – people need to learn their lessons – and part of this education is being wrong – so let people be wrong
By forcing people to be right you are projecting (link to projection article)

Telling people the truth doesn’t necessarily mean they will follow it
Truth is truth – regardless of what you think of it – this is true. 1+1=2 doesn’t change if you don’t know what a number is or if you’re bad at math.
BUT… people base their actions to the degree in which they accept that truth
  If you believe 1+1 != 2 then you will believe that no matter what people tell you because you accept that 1+1 !=2
  You are wrong – but you have a right to be wrong. Why?
    Because following the wrong path will eventually reveal itself (by suffering usually – linked to ignorance – not seeing things how they are)
    The act of suffering will make you want to accept the truth – no one likes suffering – eventually people will get sick of suffering and adopt a new view
    (my story)
Thus people have a right to be wrong

(link to matthewbooks – by doing nothing we are doing everything!)
think about that. Why is that statement true?
  A: By doing nothing they are respecting you’re right to be wrong. If they interefered you would not learn your lesson – that you are wrong. Only in wallowing in wrongness will you suffer and realize what is right.
Let people be wrong – that is their choice. They owe you nothing – You are yourself – and eventually you will realize all is one. You woudln’t get in your own way – would you???
(link to singularity vs duality)


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