The Saga Continues…

I’m retiring this blog officially and moving on to another: I guess big wounds require big concepts to heal them – but once you’re back on your feet you’re ready to face the real world once again… Here’s to a great year and something with this blog – never thought it would actually go […]

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I haven’t posted in months and I no longer have reason to. I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to do. To heal myself and accept all the things I’ve had trouble accepting while finding courage to do the things which I needed to do. I’ve experienced what I’ve needed to here and I feel sufficiently […]

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Just another truthseeker sharing their experiences with the world. Hopefully you will find something of value to take and use in your own life experience.

My (short?) story:

A young man who found the truth by finding the lie everywhere else. There are two ways to find an answer – getting it right the first time or trying all the wrong ones until you have one left. I seem to favor the second approach. For me it’s not the correctness of the answer which matters but the journey there. I could be right the first time if I really tried hard at it – but would that be as satisfying or as comprehensive as trying all the paths first? Can you really say you are absolutely right when you leave options unexplored?

I used to be wrong – all the time. I was so wrong I was convinced I was always right. I did and said things which would make other people gasp. Things you would not ordinarily expect to hear from someone. I also used to have a lot of issues which I hid under the rug. I never got around to any of them because I did not feel the need to. Sometimes you meet people though that make you open up inside. Maybe these people were placed here for a reason. People who expose you for who you really are. Then there comes the day where you have to face yourself and all that has happened – all you have done.

I did not like what I saw. I was angry at myself for a long time. I hated myself and the path I took. I looked back and realized I threw everything away in my ignorance and arrogance. Life went on and my wrongness only became more and more apparent. Life started to act against me – it seemed that life was making me pay for my mistakes dearly. I never thought it would break me but one day it did. One day alone in my car I cried for the first time in years and promised the heavens if I was given a second chance I would change. That day marked the lowest point of my fall because from that day forward things only started getting better.

I changed – overcompensated at first to the point where it was becoming sub-optimal again. All I could do was try to reverse my path and likewise expose all the lies everywhere else in life. Unfortunately I made one same dire mistake – not respecting the free will and free choice of others. I became projective – telling people life should be x, y, and z because if it wasn’t you are wrong and you will suffer. I only had good intentions in my heart – I didn’t want them to be wrong and suffer like I did. But boy oh boy did people get irritated when you point out the flaws in their lives. What’s even worse is even though in some cases you ARE right they will deny your words and just get angry at you.

From that moment on I learned everything starts from the inside, everyone has their own journey and demons to face, and everyone has the right to make mistakes and learn on their own accord.

A funny thing started happening to me one day. Back in March 2007 president George Bush Jr. changes daylight savings time. So big deal one hour change right? It was a BIG DEAL. For some reason after that day time went faster for me – MUCH faster. The work which I could finish in one day suddenly could not be finished after that day. In short – I felt time was MOVING FASTER! I almost was certain Bush ruined the space/continium and used the daylight savings time move to hide it under the rug. What was happening to me? I would look at a clock twice: 10AM then the next time 2 PM.

I looked all over google for explanations – speeding of the earth’s rotation, 2012 axial shift, etc etc… Maybe it’s scientific and it’s not me becoming a freak. I then stumble onto many new age and channeled readings about 2012. This seems interesting – a lot of these new age freaks mention time speeding up for them and slowing for others. Maybe they might know more about what is happening to me.

Months of reading later I find a lot of the truth I’ve been searching for in this derived/channeled/regurgitated new age material. I’ve become fascinated by their view on life – how it’s yielded me much more optimal results than my old ways (even after I corrected the wrongness in me). I find increasingly a lot of people are sharing the same views I am – weird. I read about the massive global consciousness sweep which will create a new perspective on life as 2012 nears. I start seeing weird numeric phenomenon only freak new ager’s see like power number sequences 111,222, etc… and 1111 1212 on clocks. I thought it was psychological – I made weird number sequences I’d remember like 445 or 554 or something meaningless and see if  I noticed them. I never did but I always noticed the power numbers.

Well it’s been a few months now and I’ve come to terms with all of that. I believe there is much more to life than meets the eyes. Even without the science to prove it the belief and faith seem to give me better results than logic alone. Thus I am here and I write about my new explorations into this new age way of thinking.